About Rumble

Rumble Theatre was founded by Alice Wordsworth & Erin Blackmore in the fields surrounding Exeter University.  For three years we collaborated on different creative endeavours: physical theatre, musicals, spoken word, adaptions. We tried our hand at performing, directing, producing, writing, designing. We experimented, dreamed, rehearsed, hit our heads against walls. There are things we’re proud of during that time and others we would rather brush under the carpet. Our own heads were filled with inspiration from talks by Robert Icke and Felix Barrett, we graduated with Jez Butterworth speaking at our ceremony. But if our first-year lectures taught us one thing, it’s to never lose that childlike sense of play. Free from inhibitions and grounded in a sense of joy, long may our experimentations continue.

Rumble works with new writers to explore the human condition.  We want to find new ways of storytelling that will entertain and move our audience and ignite their imaginations.  We are influenced by the way Sally Cookson seamlessly conjures settings, the precision of physicality in Complicité, the wordplay of Duncan Macmillan and the imaginative array of storytelling techniques that Emma Rice masters.


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