Why The Cogs Have Turned

It is difficult during the creative process to know what is working and what you're forcing to work.

We reached a point with 'Sign of the Times' where it felt more strained, than natural. We kept returning to the question of why we were doing it - can you tell a story to which you have no personal connection? How can we do it justice and what entitles us to be the ones to tell it? An 80 page arts council application later and several failed funding bids down the drain, it has been difficult to let this idea go...

But the cogs have turned, and given the nature of the topic we no longer feel that we can approach it with the sensitivity and awareness that it deserves. What we have retained from 'Sign of the Times' is an interrogation into how we communicate when the world doesn't stop to listen and how much we can take for granted.

Our new play will be comprised of our observations of other people. Using the London tube as our primary setting. We will question: Who are the people you stand so close? What do they have to say? What song are they listening to? And what about the girl who brushed your leg, didn’t say sorry and continued to stare…

We want it to be an observational piece, stuffed with comedic moments, but on a deeper level examining the isolation of Londoners today.

A play to combat lonely London.

Why this piece?

We remain fascinated with human connections. What we notice, what we don’t and a hope that as far as technology pushes us away from each other, surely we’ll still reunite when it matters?

Loneliness has become a huge topic of conversation and we think that the harsh commuter environment allows us to comment on absence and an acute isolation. A piece about how we can save each other with kindness, compassion and shared word.

Sources of Inspiration

  • Michael Billington Quote: “Political and personal unease about a society in which speed of communication replaces human connections.”

  • Love & Information by Caryl Churchill

  • Dolly Alderton Podcast – Love Stories. You can only love someone else when you love yourself. Does this become about how we need to fix ourselves first?

  • The Bystander Effect – less likely to help someone if other people are present

  • Sense of self: "human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished” – Daniel Gillbert

  • Samaritans – rise in suicides on the tube. Especially late at night. Solution is to talk to each other.

  • Simone de Beauvoir: “It seems to me that a thousand different futures might have stemmed from every single moment of my past”

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