Love on the Links

JMK Assistant Director on Love on the Links Alice Wordsworth writes about week two of rehearsals.

We are in a brilliant place for the end of week two. We staggered through the whole play and given each scene structure and movement and our wonderful stage management team have begun to build the set around us. We now have raised levels and the gorgeous sofa, which has been tailor made for us and is not just any ordinary sofa…

Love on the Links consists of four different stories that the Oldest Member tells to Jack Ramage, a new member, desperately in love with Daphne Catwright. The Oldest Member uses the other members in the bar as his actors to tell the stories. The plays within a play seek to inform Jack about how to secure his love and what he might be doing wrong, for example: spending too much time on the links!

Ryan McBryde’s directorial approach has been to first get the play on its feet, as we need to discover how these characters tell the numerous stories within the one room that is the clubhouse. It has meant that the rehearsal room has been a busy, bustling place, as we have been working as a full company all week. Nonetheless, the managed mayhem has been brilliant and, by all working together, we have discovered endless ways to use the space and props… Who knew a golf club was such a versatile object!

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