From Bogart, With Love.

I know I'm not alone in knowing she's a guru, but I found Anne Bogart to be a huge reassurance when preparing for Day 1 of rehearsals. Here are some nuggets for anyone starting a rehearsal process and the panic that undoubtedly comes with it:

“There is no disgrace in not knowing what you are doing and not having all the answers. But your passion and excitement about something will take you the distance through uncertainty [...] Be exact about what you do not know.”


Everytime I begin work on a new production I feel as though I am out of my league; that I know nothing and have no notion how to begin and I’m sure someone else should be doing my job, someone assured, who knows what to do, someone who is really a professional. I feel unbalanced, uncomfortable and out of place. I feel like a sham. In short, I am terrified.


“The saving grace in one’s work is love, trust and a sense of humour - trust in collaborators and the creative act in rehearsal, love for the art and a sense of humour about the impossible task.

From Anne Bogart's book 'A Director Prepares: Seven Essays on Art and Theatre'.

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