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Following a successful run of 'Sardines' at The Drayton Arms Theatre, London from 26th June - 7th July 2018, we are working on a redevelopment of the show.  


It’s a play about finding your way through a new city when the city itself is trying to ghost you. Lola, the protagonist, is perfectly sane, but the world in which she is trying to operate is bizarrely strange and illogical. In her search for to make sense of it, she’ll tear the world apart and - with the audience’s help - build a new world from the ashes. Lola begins as a shy, sensitive and lonely character, and ends as an angry, bold and connected soul.


The play’s form is an extension of its content. It is discord, it is a cacophony, it is angry. Unharmonised emotions all under one roof raving, lost, lonely, looking for love. The use of spoken word poetry throughout is a poignant token of how Lola make sense of the world she’s in.


Lola will be alone onstage, with all other characters played by musical instruments or invited participants, allowing the audience to tangibly feel her level of disconnect and isolation. It will be the audience’s responsibility to make Lola feel less alone, because we are more alike than we are different.


If this play were to be an album, it would be Jamie XX’s In Colour.


The infamous Sardines tube chairs, which have been used throughout this play’s development, will be used again. Though previously only serving as tube chairs, they will shapeshift in this edition. Rather than set the entire play on the tube, the format of this edition will follow Lola around London, and the tube chairs will serve as a constant reminder of the momentum, isolation and rhythm of the setting - a far less on-the-nose metaphor that allows the play to travel further.